Earth Films receives International Documentary Association fiscal sponsorship. For work in progress documentary film "The House of Fire"


GETTING DIRTY - Cob Building and community - a 20 mins. short film Produced by Penelope Andrews, The film is out now for Film Festival screenings , community showings and workshops (for a DVD email us )

Earth FIlms non-profit partner "Cloud Forest Institute"



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TREE SIT: The Art of Resistance Feature length documentary. From the struggle to save Redwood Forest; the assassination attempt of Judi Bari; the pepper spray torture of young activists; to the establishment of permanent "tree-villages" including Julia Butterfly hill who lived 2 years hundreds of feet up; This film is historical, exhilarating, informative, and intense!

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How to support our film House of Fire

Donations can also be mailed to 436 Maple Lane, Garberville CA 95542, checks made out to International Documentary Association and earmark for “The House Of Fire documentary project.”



Earth Films was founded in 1998. We use documentary filmmaking, digital media and art to bring diverse, critical perspectives to pressing ecological and social justice issues.

Grow Jamaica the film had a big welcome at Earth Dance Film Festival 2010 now the music that was produced by Rankingstine productions is being produced as a full music CD with the film, more info on dates of release 2012

OUT NOW online preview-

Getting Dirty Cob and Community in Baja - Directed by Penelope 20 min
This short documentary explores cob building, community, woman's issues using this ancient technique of mud building. The film opens the doors to the joys of building with our hands using mud, sand and clay in a sustainable way called Cob building. Cobworks guides us on this journey and teaches us not only to build but how to builds community and reduce our impact on the environment. Full screen DVD $10 plus shipping Jan 2012


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ill_1 The House Of Fire is Earth Films’ feature-length documentary about the Earth Liberation Front, the underground eco-sabotage group best known for torching the Vail Ski Area in October of 1998. The film is in post-production. To support the making of this film please go to: Site has been sabotaged again we hope to get a new one up soon. This is the second site that has been hacked someone really wants to stop us making this film To support our film send Donations to 436 Maple Lane, Garberville CA 95542, checks made out to "International Documentary Association" and earmark for “The House Of Fire documentary project.”

You can use PAY PAL to make a donation to support the film via the International Documentary Association web site and look for HOUSE OF FIRE  

On-line Video

Another way across the Border from Earthfilms on Vimeo.

Most days of the year across this area of desert, people travel on foot across the Mexican border. Within each frame, unseen by us, people are waiting for the darkness of night to begin the final part of their journey into the USA.

A short film of time-lapse footage taken just out of Ajo, AZ. in February 2009 on my recent trip to the Sonoran desert.

Earth Films Radical shorts- 8 films - (DVD)

Striptease to Save the Tree, Bloody War in D.C, Cry for the forest, grizzly Creek Tree Sit, Viva Judi Bari, Mattole Forest Massacre, squash the WTO & War Pigs (Whisped media/ Jeff Taylor & James Ficklin) - Order DVD - Watch


Striptease to Save The Tree

Striptease to save the trees from Earth FIlms on Vimeo.

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